'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sara Ramirez does the UNTHINKABLE to her lover! (VIDEO)

In last week's shocking Grey's Anatomy premiere, we learned that Sara Ramirez's character Dr. Callie Torres is in for a CRAZY season. 

We saw the heartbroken doctor sobbing uncontrollably in the supply closet after someone mentioned her wife, Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). Then we saw her crying at the bedside of her best friend, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), as the doctors turned off his life support and he drifted into death. In this episode, though, we find out something even MORE shocking about Sara's character--and all of the crazy things that she is going to experience this season!


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A lot happened in this episode and, to be honest, most of it involved Callie. The things that didn't involve her, though, mainly had to do with Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) not dealing very well after the plane crash. She spent many weeks in a hospital bed, not talking and acting violently whenever she wasn't in restraints. Eventually, though, she recovered enough to head to her new job at the Mayo Clinic--despite husband Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) begging her to stay.

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Meanwhile, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) begs Callie to do surgery on his hand--all while she's trying to convince doctors to not cut off Arizona's leg, which has a terrible infection. In fact, she actually promises Arizona that she won't let them do it but, when the time comes, she's busy in surgery with Derek and she lets Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) do what he needs to. Unfortunately, he cuts off Arizona's leg which, as we saw at the end of last week's premiere, leads Arizona to become extremely bitter and resentful toward her wife. 

So what's going to happen next week? Will Callie and Arizona ever be able to fix their relationship? With Callie's best friend gone and her wife down one leg and super angry about it, I know one thing: this is NOT going to be an easy season for Sara Ramirez.

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