Sofia Vergara faced pressure to change her body, but she refused!

Society is always telling women to be skinnier, have larger perkier breasts, look younger…it's enough to make us very insecure. So when I heard that Sofia Vergara's former publicist told her to get a breast reduction I was SHOCKED. Sofia is probably one of the most flawless women in Hollywood and even SHE got pressure to change the way she looks--unbelievable!


The 40-year-old Colombian actress recently made an appearance in NYC to promote her fall Kmart home and clothing collections, and she talked about this incident with the media. Vergara was told by a former publicist to reduce her 32F breasts in order to fit in with other older actresses--who aren't as voluptuous--and to look better in dresses.

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Um, are we looking at the same woman here? Sofia looks better than most women in their 20's! There's a reason why so many people envy her curvy and voluptuous body, because it's a real woman's figure.

The comedian that she is, Vergara said she (thankfully) didn't listen to her then publicist and joked, "You know, they look better in the dresses, but I look better naked!" Although she does admit that isn't opposed to potential nip and tucks in the future! "I'm sure I will do it... but hopefully, when that comes, there will be even better treatments," she admitted.

I doubt Sofia will have to worry about any of those issues anytime soon! I'm sure her fiance, Nick Loeb, has no complaints about the way she looks either (why would he?!). It's refreshing to hear from my favorite funnywoman being  honest about what Hollywood demanded of her in the past. Kudos to her, though, for remaining self-confident in the superficial world of show biz!

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