'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap: Joanna's insane meltdown

The plot thickens in The Real Housewives of Miami and things are heating up. Life is much like a telenovela here, but with Karent's boyfriend Rodolfo traveling, it's only thanks to Skype that we get to see the soap opera actor and just a minute or two of the couple interact. She appears to feel all of the confidence in the world in her relationship and even laughs at his jokes about his always wanting to have a harem.

Lisa and Leah are just about to become new neighbors, and are still trying to manage the awkwardness between them. The two happen to have something in common tough, a keen interest and care for their housekeepers. Lisa's plan to help Daysy get in shape for cosmetic surgery is still in place and moving forward, and Leah spends time pampering Freda, does her hair and teaches her how to swim. How nice!!!


Marysol keeps busy in business and is to be profiled by Ocean Drive magazine, and we don't really know what's up with Ana who undoubtedly is having her challenges but hers are in the love department.

Joanna, on the other hand, is about to have a double celebration: her fiancé Romain's new American citizenship and the 10th anniversary of Mynt, his Miami Beach exclusive lounge. It does seem at first glance like the life of this model is the life of a queen. But as she is driven around in Romain's Ferrari at high speeds, things take a turn for the worst later on during the Mynt party. Even though Joanna has warned sister Marta of not causing a scene at the anniversary party, it is she herself who flips out to the point of total embarrassment at the simple sight of her sister's ex-boyfriend who she apparently can't stand.

Not even Adriana's open flirting with Romain causes the kind of meltdown that takes place when the feisty blond FREAKS OUT in the middle of the party in "defense" of her sister. What the hell?! As far as I'm concerned Joanna's concept of sister love (tonight she tweeted "Yeah! Krupas stick together and fight together") might end up costing her the love of her man. May be time for Joanna to let Marta live her own life and fight her own battles, no?

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