'Grey's Anatomy' premiere: Who survived the plane crash that already killed Lexie Grey?

Grey's Anatomy is well-known for its shocking season finales. There was finding out that McDreamy was married, killing off Izzie's fiancee Denny, Burke leaving Christina at the altar and, oh yes, the shooting in the hospital. 

Last season was a topper, though, with a horrible plane crash in the middle of the woods that left Arizona, Mark and Derek fighting for their lives, Christina and Meredith trying to do while they can while Lexie's lifeless body lay nearby. I didn't know what happened further, but I knew it would be bad. Sadly, I wasn't prepared for the MUCH more horrible truth of who lived--and who didn't.


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It all begins with us learning what happened to everyone since last year: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is now a tough attending nicknamed "Medusa", Christina (Sandra Oh) is in Minnesota at her new job, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is happy with her man, Alex (Justin Chambers) is having sex with some new girl in the on-call room while getting ready to head off to John Hopkins, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is finally going to operate with a new hand and Callie (Sara Ramirez) is talking to a comatose Mark (Eric Dane). 

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Nobody seems to be dealing with last season's plane crash very well, though. Christina is obviously too traumatized to fly, Meredith has seriously thrown herself into her work and Callie is crying in a closet because Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is... dead? They weren't very clear about that, actually. Either way, there's a new pediatrician and he's sticking his foot in his mouth every which way he goes--and pissing off Alex because he doesn't care about helping orphans.

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Apparently Mark didn't want to remain on life-support, so the last half of the episode dealt with them taking him off the ventilators as Callie and Derek stood by him, with Avery (Jesse Williams) nearby. In a scene that had me crying, his heart stopped. Meanwhile, Alex and Meredith had an angry goodbye in the airport as he went off to his surgical fellowship and she rushed off to see Christina--but they both chickened out and stayed in Seattle. 

As always, Grey's didn't disappoint with a surprise ending: Owen (Kevin McKidd) visiting April (Sarah Drew) on some farm to offer her job back and Callie opening the door to Arizona, who's apparently very pissed because she lost a leg. WOW! Well, next week we'll actually get to find out how it all went down and, as I'm shedding my tears for Mark and Lexie, I'm excited for what this new season will bring, too. 

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