'The Voice' recap: Christina Aguilera crushes on 'hot' Latino contestant! (VIDEO)

Things got intense on tonight's episode of The Voice! And who was the one bringing the heat? 25-year-old Peruvian singer, Diego Val, who not only able to make it through the blind auditions, but also managed to catch Christina Aguilera's attention with his good looks!


In true Latino fashion, Val arrived at the audition with his obviously proud dad and his doting mom, who won ME over when she whispered encouragement in her son's ear in Spanish right before he went on stage. But though the trio was clearly thrilled to be part of the show, Val's story was not always as happy.  At age 8, he contracted a disease that prevented him from walking. Stuck in bed for almost a year, he took out his emotions on a guitar--and that's when his love for music began. 

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All that time spent practicing obviously served him well on tonight's auditions. Val performed his own rendition of the Neon Trees song "Animal," even breaking out into Spanish in the middle of the song! That unique move grabbed the attention of coach Cee Lo Green, who turned his chair around and secured Val a place in the next round of the competition. 

But while Green nabbed Val as a team member, he wasn't the only judge to be taken with the contestant. "He was hot!" Aguilera said after his performance. She also explained why she didn't choose him for her team, saying, "I was OK with it because I know there are a lot of twist and turns this season and I might be able to snatch you up later" (This season, judges are allowed to steal another coach's contestant after they are eliminated during the battle rounds).

Well, well, well, it sounds like someone has a crush! I guess I can't entirely blame her though--Val definitely has plenty of charm!

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