Christina Aguilera confesses what she will miss most about 'The Voice'! (VIDEO)

If you're a fan of The Voice, you were probably surprised to learn that coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are being replaced next season. I know I was! But it looks like there's no need to worry--in recent interviews, Xtina herself has opened up about why she will definitely be back (whew!), who she will miss (you'll be surprised), and how the show actually inspired her upcoming CD, Lotus.


The Latina singer is taking the fourth season off to focus on music and promote her new album (she and Green will be temporarily replaced by Shakira and Usher), but she admitted to E! that there are a lot of things--and people--she'll miss about being on the show. One surprising example? Fellow coach, Adam Levine! Though the two have butted heads in the past, they have seemed to make nice, at least on recent episodes.

"It's like we have definitely, literally become like brother and sister," Aguilera said.

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Aww! I have to say, I sometimes miss her sassier attitude (hey, you have to admit that it was entertaining even though she sometimes took it TOO far), but it's good to see that the two have reached a peaceful place and that she looks forward to returning for the fall season. As a fan who has followed since the first season, I think  it's going to be a little weird at first to watch the competition without her. So while I'm excited to see what Shakira will bring to the table, I'm kinda glad that it's not a permanent replacement.

Besides, apparently, acting as a coach has given Aguilera a lot more than a friendship with Levine. She also credits the show to providing her with inspiration for her new album. How? The competition allowed her to "see through the eyes of aspiring artists at the beginning of their journey, to be part of their journey, to see the hunger in their eyes and to sort of regain some of that back for myself," she told MTV.

Hmm...hopefully, that means we can expect some great music off her next CD, preferably more in the style of old-school Xtina (I don't know about you, but I thought her first two records were way better than her last two). Maybe there'll even be some duets with some former contestants? Or one with new BFF, Levine?! So many possibilities!

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