'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap: Lies, a love triangle, and suspicious texts

It's a new day for The Real Housewives of Miami but the telenovela goes on just the same as what seems like yesterday. It's all about chisme (gossip, gossip and more gossip!) and jealousy. The back and forth between these ladies and their cast of characters can get pretty pathetic but that's why TRHW is one of our favorite guilty pleasures, no?

If last week we were left wondering what the truth is behind the apparent connection between Ana and Karent's boyfriend Rodolfo, in this week's episode rumors start spreading and it all boils down to an actual face to face confrontation. I'm telling you, this is classic Latin soap opera plot —the love triangle, the secrets and the lies. It just gets better and better. But more about this later.


Although not an actual housewife, Karent sets the mood with a couple's massage to try to get Rodolfo to make her one. Unfortunately for her, her leading man and boyfriend is just not "quite there yet" and downplays the topic while trying to relax. I mean, can you blame the guy?

On to other matters related to the topic of marriage and commitment… Lisa is well aware that her marriage to plastic surgeon Lenny is something that requires safeguarding. Lisa gets to "work" during her visit to his office by sprinkling a generous amount of her own pictures around his office, claiming her territory, so his gorgeous looking clients know he's taken.

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And then there's Adriana, who at least has a ring on her finger (well not literally as she admits not to wear it much since she'd rather not have "the ball and chains"). Adriana might seem to be living it up with fiancé Frederic, but only she (and Elsa maybe?) know if this relationship will move on to the next level or not.

Joanna too appears to be struggling in her relationship with club owner Romain. These ladies are aggressive and not at all traditional Latinas when it comes to the idea of popping the question. Why not take over and push the topic of marriage to these machos who seem to be doing pretty well WITHOUT the "ball and chains"!

What Joanna and Karent need (and come to think of it Marysol and Lisa too) might be  some of Elsa's perfumes and rice to work her magic and make it the right time for love and marriage in these ladies' lives. Would it actually work? Hmmm...

Big Miami events apparently are just the right setting to kick up the drama a few notches. At one of those precisely is where we see Karent and Ana face to face like fifth graders arguing over a boy. They are seriously instigated by Adriana. The man in the middle of it all is actually not in the middle but probably around flirting with some other hot Miami chica. Who knows!!! We'll see what happens in next week's episode… 

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