Teen girl channels Whitney Houston, stuns crowd with amazing karaoke performance (VIDEO)

If there's one thing I've learned from the plethora of reality singing competitions, it's that there are a surprising amount of super talented people out there with amazing voices! Actually, probably my favorite part of those shows is when someone completely unexpected leaves me stunned with their killer vocals. Well, that's definitely the case with the teen in this video, who completely blew me away with her karaoke rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."


In the video, the girl decides to make use of a karaoke machine display--right in the middle of a grocery store! And her talent becomes obvious the minute she starts singing into the mic. Watching it, my jaw literally dropped. Seriously, her performance was stunning. Few people--even today's most famous artists--can do a Whitney Houston song justice, but this young girl seems to pull it off effortlessly. And I wasn't the only one floored. As can be heard in the video, the singer managed to attract an audience in the store.

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Plus, she just looks so happy singing, even in such a random setting in front of a small group of people. It's obvious that she is meant to be on stage. According to the video, this took place in Singapore, but I really hope that this girl somehow makes her way here to try out for The Voice, X Factor or something of the like because I want to see (and hear!) more!

Listen to her beautiful version of the song here:

Image via YouTube

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