'The Voice' recap: Latina teen, Joselyn Rivera, wins over judges! (VIDEO)

Tonight's episode of 'The Voice' marked night two of this week's blind auditions. Though many talented singers took the stage, one 17-year-old Latina left me--and the judges-- truly impressed. 

Contestant Joselyn Rivera has been singing since she was just a toddler when, after having trouble learning to speak, a doctor suggested she use music to express herself. Rivera took the advice...and years later, it's obvious that the practice has paid off!


In her amazing audition, Rivera performed a rendition of "Stronger," a single by powerhouse singer Kelly Clarkson. Though the song is not an easy one to take on, Rivera's vocals remained strong throughout the performance, getting both Blake Shelton and fellow Latina Christina Aguilera to turn their chairs around.

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And it was clear that both of the judges were eager to have the teenager on their team, as they began fighting to try and convince her to pick them, even trading silly jokes at each other's expense! Ultimatey though, Rivera chose to join Team Xtina!

Personally, I think she made the right decision! With her reputation as an one of the best female vocalists ever, I have no doubt that Aguilera will be able to impart some valuable wisdom and advice. Plus, one thing's for sure: they are going to make one fierce duo!

Image via NBC

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