Sneak peek: Christina Aguilera's new video for 'Your Body'! (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera is all set to return to music in a big way! Though fans of The Voice were shocked to learn that the singer will be replaced for the show's next season, the move is all in the name of Xtina's career. With a new CD and an upcoming tour, Aguilera is taking a break from the show to focus on her first love--music. And she's already started, as evidenced by the just-released teaser for the video of her latest single, "Your Body."


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The clip follows Aguilera as she hitchhikes her way through the desert, sporting long, colorful hair and some equally eccentric clothes, including the super clingy black dress she was caught wearing while filming a few weeks ago. But that's not all! In the video, Aguilera is also seen seducing a cashier...and oh yeah, blowing up a car. And that's just what we see in the 30-second teaser.

Well, you kind of have to love Xtina for blowing any signs of subtlety out the window. She always seems to go big and over-the-top with everything! From the looks of this clip, it looks like this video is no exception. And although I can't say I'm totally in love with her outfit choices or that crazy multicolored hair, I respect Aguilera for not caring about what others think and once again doing things her way. You have to admit--the girl's still fierce!

Watch the teaser here:

Image via YouTube

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