'American Idol': Are Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj already fighting?!

American Idol is back! The show just started taping its latest season and already, rumors about a feud between new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are flying. The two divas are said to be going head-to-head during auditions, constantly fighting to be heard over each other. Well, that certainly didn't take very long!


Apparently, the battle between the two started when Minaj began critiquing a contestant during an audition and Carey kept interrupting her. Not one to take things lying down, Minaj fought back by talking loudly over her. Yikes! Sounds like it's getting tense at the judge's table.

But Carey, for her part, insists that there's no hostility between her and Minaj.
"How can we feud in two days? I think a feud takes a little longer," Carey said at a press conference on Monday.

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Hmm, I wouldn't exactly call that a denial...more like a convenient way of avoiding the question! Still, I do agree with Carey in that it's way too early for the two of them to already be fighting. They are both singers with experience who are supposed to be helping the contesants, not trying to gain the limelight for themselves. Why can't they all just get along for the sake of the show?

Either way, one thing's for sure--viewers are going to be in for an especially dramatic season this time around!

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