'The Voice:' Shakira to replace Xtina next season + a Latina shines in auditions!

The Voice continued with its blind auditions tonight...and though some amazing acts took the stage (one in particular!), the most noteworthy thing about today's episode was actually the HUGE announcement made by NBC right before it aired. Are you ready to hear it?! For Season 4, Christina Aguilera is being replaced by another amazing Latina singer-- the one and only Shakira!!


The show has apparently decided to do back-to-back cycles in the fall and spring. But unfortunately, Agulera has other commitments to attend to next season with her new album and upcoming tour. So NBC is bringing in replacements for her and fellow coach Cee-Lo Green (who is also unavailable), adding Shakira and Usher to The Voice team! 

OH MY GOD!! Can you believe it?! Our very own Shaki to join the gaggle of reality show Latina mentors!! Though I'm not sure how new judges will affect the dynamic of the competition, I can't help but be excited about the big news. Personally,  I think Shakira will be a great addition...and I bet there will be a lot more Spanish-speaking on the show now! 

But don't worry, Xtina won't be gone for good--she will return for Season 5 in the fall! Which brings me back to today's episode and the stand-out act of tonight's auditions: 17-year-old Melanie Martinez!

Martinez sung a lovely and incredibly unique version of Britney Spears' smash hit, "Toxic." Changing the tune from a fast-tempo, upbeat pop track to a slow and evocative cover, Martinez not only won over the audience--she also got three of the four judges to turn their chairs around, securing herself a place in the next rounds of the competition!

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The only one to not hit their button for the eccentric singer? Aguilera! Jeez, Xtina sure has not been stepping up for her fellow Latinos so far in the competition. I personally think she made a mistake in not picking Martinez, her voice is so cool and different! Maybe she wasn't impressed with the fact that the contestant sang a Britney Spears song, a longtime reported "frenemy" of Aguilera's who is now also a reality show judge?

I guess it doesn't really matter though since Martinez earned her spot regardless and ultimately chose  Adam Levine for her mentor. 

Wow! Well, it was certainly a big night for The Voice!  New judges and an amazing Latina singer? I wonder if tomorrow's auditions will possibly be able to beat tonights huge news...I guess we'll have to tune in to find out!

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