Jennifer Lopez expands her empire into cable TV!

Jennifer Lopez is a mami of twins, runs a fashion line, has made her mark in the music and  movie world--you'd think she has enough on her plate! But Jenny from the Block is a full force that can't be stopped and now you can call her TV mogul, as she just partered with cable network NuvoTV. The channel caters to bilingual Latinos and they have teamed up with the Bronx diva to focus on creating a network that will appeal to more modern day Latinos through her Nuyorican Productions company

Way to go J.Lo!


The channel noticed how few networks focused on our community and none shared cultural information in English. Therefore their best bet was to hire the Latina that has had a strong influence in the entertainment world. Even better is the fact that the network has acquired more than $40 million in finacing to expand and create more original programming. This couldn't have happened at a much better time and I can sense that this will be an impactful channel.

When I was growing up, I barely recall watching any TV shows featuring Latino families that I could relate to. I enjoyed shows such as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House, Boy Meets World, but none of them made me feel in touch with my roots. I do remember watching re-runs of the first bilingual sitcom produced by PBS called ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.? and finding it incredibly funny because I could relate to the Cuban American family and the cultural clash the parents and kids had to face. After that, it was awhile before TV networks started experimenting with shows featuring Latino Americans.

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Having grown up in a different era than me, J.Lo also felt the same way with television shows during her time. "Growing up in the Bronx as a little Puerto Rican girl watching TV and not having a lot to identify with," she remembers, "West Side Story was really my favorite thing because it had Puerto Ricans in it." Thankfully the quadruple threat (if not more!) is taking a stand and making sure that the growing number of Latinos today have something that will help keep them in touch with their culture.

I can't say I blame J.Lo for her sentiments as I've met many young Latinos today (including myself) who are unaware of the culture behind the countries their parents or grandparents originated from. The more Americanized we become, the easier it becomes for our heritage to be swallowed up unless we do something to preserve it. By the looks of it Lopez has the right idea in mind and NuvoTV's revamp may just be the solution.

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