'America's Got Talent:' The Untouchables or Joe Castillo could win it all! (VIDEOS)

America's Got Talent is officially down to six finalists! On last night's episode, all of acts got one last chance to win over the judges before the winner is announced today. Though the competition was definitely stiff, the two remaining Latino acts, dance troupe The Untouchables and sand artist Joe Castillo, both rose to the occasion, giving lively and memorable performances.


The Untouchables once again proved to the world that yes, they might be young, but they sure are talented! Their dance to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" was upbeat and--as usual--perfectly in sync. At the end, Sharon Osbourne even rewarded the adorable little dances with a standing ovation!

"It was fantastic," she said. Howard Stern agreed, saying, "Every line tonight was perfect….I think you did a fabulous job, it's hard to believe you're 8."  Personally, I think he's totally right! It's still amazing to me that these little kids have such an advanced level of skill. I just hope that America thinks so too!

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For his last performance, Castillo did an AGT-themed act, creating sand renditions of Stern, Osbourne and Howie Mandel. "You really are remarkable…what a terrific act," Stern said of the performance. Though Osbourne said she wished he had done something more "spiritual," I enjoyed that he switched it up with last night's act and did something a little more lighthearted. Either way, I'm glad that he also did well and has a fair shot at nabbing the prize!

The winner of the show will be announced on tonight's grand finale episode. Don't forget to support your fellow Latinos and watch tonight to see if either of them are crowned champions!

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