Christina Aguilera shows off her beautiful body on the cover for her new single

Though the world had already gotten a sneak peek of Christina Aguilera's sexy new video for her upcoming single, "Your Body," we got another hint of what's to come when she released the track's official cover art yesterday. And I have to say, the singer is looking totally, completely, drop-dead GORGEOUS in the image.


Sporting long locks and soft makeup while wrapped in a transparent fabric, Aguilera is the epitome of a superstar in the photo. From the flawless face to that killer bod, the 31-year-old mom is looking better than ever. In fact, looking at the cover, I can't help but be reminded of her 20-something year old self on the front of her 2002 Stripped album…except this time around, she's exuding a more grown-up confidence and sophistication.

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What I love most is that the photo diplays plenty of those sexy curves, which is especially brave considering that Aguilera has undergone some heavy criticism for her weight lately. I just hope all of those haters are biting their tongue now 'cause obviously, girl is looking damn good!

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The single comes out September 17and her entire album, Lotus, is expected to drop in early November--and from what I can tell of this cover, the CD is definitely going to be a must-buy. Looks like it's official: Xtina's back, ya'll!   

Image via Christina Aguilera/facebook

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