'X-Factor' premiere: Demi Lovato gets brought to tears by contestant! (VIDEO)

After months of anticipation, the second season of X-Factor FINALLY premiered tonight! And as promised, new judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears did not hold back during the auditions. In fact, Lovato became so emotional after one particular performance that she actually started crying!


Though Lovato admitted to being nervous about her reality show debut at the beginning of the episode, the sassy Latina quickly hit her stride, giving brutally honest opinions about both the great singers... and the just plain bad ones. But it wasn't until 19-year-old Jillian Jensen took the stage that the popstar was moved to tears. 

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Jensen, who sports a similar "Stay Strong" wrist tattoo to Lovato's, shared a heartbreaking story of being severely bullied during high school. The painful memories came through in what wound up being an extremely emotional performance, as Jensen fought to keep her feelings in check. And Lovato, who is known for working with anti-bullying campaigns, was so affected that she began shedding a few tears and even walked on stage to give Jensen a big hug!

"You are so strong. That was amazing," she said. "When you sang, you broke my heart." And thankfully, all of her fellow judges agreed! Jensen was voted through to the next round unanimously.

Personally, I am THRILLED that Jensen advanced. Her performance was by far my favorite moment of the epsiode and actually brought tears to my eyes as well! I hope that she only continues to succeed and progress from here on out. 

Plus, at the very least, she knows she'll always have Demi on her side!

Image via FOX

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