Crazy Chris Brown claims his new battered woman tat is a Mexican sugar skull!

Chris Brown is back at it again! His latest douche-y move? Tattooing his neck with what looks like a picture of a battered woman, who the public quickly identified as ex-girlfriend Rihanna. But now, Breezy's rep is denying this claim, saying the tattoo is not of his former love, but the image of a sugar skull, the symbol associated with the Mexican celebration of el Día de los Muertos.

Oh hell no, he did not just go there!


"His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw," the rep told TMZ. "It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported."

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Um, okay, besides the fact that the tattoo looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like a sugar skull, this ridiculous explanation is super fishy because, oh yeah, Chris Brown is not Mexican….or Latino at all for that matter. So why in the world would he get a cultural symbol that is not even from his culture permanently inked on his body?

The whole thing just infuriates me to no end--not only because it makes zero sense, but because as a Latina, I do not want to be associated with this idiot in any way, shape or form…and I'm pretty sure most people in the community would agree with me!

Do us a favor, Chris Brown: next time you decide to get a tatto or say or do anything that is remotely related to our culture, please just don't.

What do you think the tattoo looks like? Could it really be a Día de los Muertos skull?

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