Latinas top the list of 'Most Dangerous Celebrities Online'!

Yup, you read right! But it's not quite what you think...McAfee Online Security recently gathered a list of 2012's Most Dangerous Celebrities Online and has revealed that 6 out of the top 10 celebrities are Latinas. The list compiles the celebs that most cybercriminals use to disguise their viruses, malware, and other dangerous computer programs and links by attracting visitor using their names. Well, what do they expect between Sofia Vergara's talents (you can interpret that as you wish), Selena Gomez's vocal abilities, and Eva Mendes' sexiness (I mean, she's dating Ryan Gosling)--you're bound to come across a few risky websites and links.

The Latinas who made the majority of the top ten names on the list are...


Eva Mendes (at  number 3), Selena Gomez (number 4), Shakira (number 7), Cameron Diaz (number 8), Salma Hayek (at number 9), and Sofia Vergara (number 10). Whew! That list is even too hot for me to handle! But it looks like Cybercriminals aren't afraid of getting near these sizzling ladies...The way that they do their job is by keeping up with online trends and misusing websites linked to popular celebrity names and infecting them with malware. Therefore, your computer is more susceptible to viruses especially since you can't distinguish which sites are safe or not.

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But there a few ways for you to protect yourself  while browsing for your favorite Latina idol:

  • The best way to avoid catching a virus is to make sure you use websites that are established for video streaming such as,,, or
  • DO NOT fall for free downloads as they are the easiest way to infect your computer. 
  • And make sure your security programs are up to date on your computers, phones and tablets.

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Now that you know how to keep safe online, don't be afraid to search for the latest gossip on Shakira's possible pregnancy or where globetrotter Salma Hayek is hanging out this week!

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