Get an inside look at X-Factor before its big premiere! (VIDEO)

Calling all Demi Lovato fans! With the premiere of X-Factor just days away, the Latina star is ready to make her big reality show debut.  And from the looks of this adorable new promo, it seems like viewers can expect Lovato to be her usual sassy self, even joining forces with newbie Britney Spears to poke fun at the infamously snarky Simon Cowell.


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In the hilarious behind-the-scenes footage taken right before the first episode, it's clear that Lovato and Spears have hit it off, with each complimenting the other on their outfits. But the peace doesn't last very long--Cowell soon comes into the picture and as is his usual typical fashion, manages to rattle everyone's nerves. "The worst thing that can happen is you… make a complete fool of yourself and then your career's over," he tells Lovato. Wow, nice.

Of course, it's not long before Lovato is putting the perpetually T-shirt-and-jeans clad Cowell back in his place, telling him, "[The audience] is going to be so impressed by your outfit that they've never seen before." Ha, you just gotta love her spunk!

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Still, it seems that Lovato took her sarcasm a little too far with one contestant, who snaps back with a biting retort that starts an all-out verbal feud between him and the judges. Uh-oh! Too far, Demi, too far.

Though I didn't watch X-Factor during its initial run, I'm looking forward to the premiere of this season. With the addition of these new judges,one thing is clear: there will be plenty of drama!

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