Shakira's ex Antonio de la Rua sues her for $250 million!

When their 11-year relationship ended a little over a year ago, it seemed that Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa's split was fairly amicable. Well, I guess appearances can be deceiving! De la Rúa is now suing Shaki for $250 million dollars, claiming he is entitled to monetary compensation for abandoning his career and devoting himself entirely to managing the Colombian super star's career, Mexican newspaper El Universal reports.

Um, what?


The Argentinean businessman is also demanding 18 percent of the profits from her deal with Live Nation (which is said to be worth more than $100 million dollars), as well as some properties in Uruguay and New York City.

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It's probably naive of me to think that after more than a decade of living with someone, ending a relationship would be simple; like, "This relationship isn't working anymore, let's just end it here, here's your part, here's mine, good luck, good bye".

But the truth is that when it comes to public figures, money and other interests always end up playing a role, and things can quickly turn ugly. A break-up morphs into a super complicated process involving crazy demands, lawyers, statements back and forth, and--of course--thousands of sensational write-ups in all types of media. This seems to be the case with Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa right now.

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Whether he's right or not to be demanding money from his ex, society doesn't look too kindly on people who act like De la Rúa. During multimillionaire Paul McCartney's divorce from his model wife, Heather Mills, Mills became known as the ultimate gold-digger, a cold, calculating woman. And what about Jennifer Lopez's ex Ojani Noa, who since 1997  has done everything in his power to get even the dregs of any monetary compensation from anything, from offering secrets of their short-lived marriage a million years ago to intimate, as-yet-unseen video.

The fact of the matter is that both J. Lo and Shaki have moved on with their lives and their super successful careers, while the men, who at one point were the loves of their lives, have finally shown their true colors. If De la Rúa's upset that Shaki's hips are now lying with someone else and that she is happy (and possibly pregnant!) and he's acting purely out of spite--all the more shame on him!

What do you think of De la Rúa's lawsuit? Do you think it's valid?

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