'America's Got Talent:' The Untouchables and Sebastien De La Cruz face elimination! (VIDEO)

Last night on America's Got Talent, viewers got the second round of semifinals results and as usual, the news was a mix of good AND bad. Unfortunately, young mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz was sent home for the second and last time. And though I was extremely sad to see him go (he's just so talented and adorable!), I was relieved to learn that the ridiculously skilled dance troupe The Untouchables have made it to the next round!


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After a good-but-not-great performance on Tuesday night's episode, De La Cruz got mixed reviews from the judges…and apparently from America as well. When it came down to him and two other acts (comedian Jacob Williams and David Garbidaldi and His CYMK's), "El Charro De Oro" lost, putting an end to his turn on the competition. Personally, I'm sad to see him go as I always thought his vocal skills and stage presence were astounding, especially given the fact that he's only 10 years old! But after impressing everyone with his talent and making it this far into the competition, I'm sure it won't be too long before he becomes an internationally recognized name!

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On the bright side, the hard work put in by The Untouchables--who are seriously the cutest and most disciplined group of young dancers EVER--paid off. After an amazing tango performance that garnered heaps of praise from all three judges, they were officially proclaimed one of the semifinal winners, securing their spot in the next portion of the competition. I am so happy for them! After performing so consistently well, they truly deserve it. It's obvious that while all of the dancers are very young, they are still extremely dedicated.

Hopefully, they will continue to excel throughout the rest of the competition!

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