Evelyn Lozada is right to divorce Chad Johnson despite his new tattoo! (VIDEO)

After an ugly domestic violence scandal caused wife Evelyn Lozada to file for divorce and led to his firing from the Miami Dolphins, it looks like Chad Johnson is having a hard time moving on. Recently, Johnson (formerly known as Chad "Ochocinco") seems to be working hard to try and win Lozada back. His latest bizarre stunt? Tattooing her face on his right leg! Um, huh?


Though Lozada has reportedly cut off all contact from Johnson, the former footballer seems to think a reconciliation is possible. When Twitter followers asked him about his new body art, he responded by writing "Divorce? Child please... that's my WIFE" and "I dont give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what she filed for." Alrighty then…is it me or does it seem like Johnson is seriously going off the deep end?

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Lozada, for her part, seems to have no intention of withdrawing the divorce papers. "It would have to take some time," she told ABC's Nightline when asked if she believes she will ever be able to sit down and talk with Johnson. "I think that being away from each other is the right thing."

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Personally, I'm really glad that Lozada is staying strong in this difficult time and sticking with what I believe is the smartest decision. No one deserves to be a victim of domestic violence and though it must be extremely hard for her leave the man she obviously loves, I respect the way Lozada is putting herself--and her safety--first.  

Watch a part of her Nightline interview here:

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Image via Splash News, Chad Johnson/Twitter

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