Jimmy Kimmel gets parents to pull ultimate back-to-school prank on their kids! (VIDEO)

TV show host Jimmy Kimmel has gotten parents to pull some pretty hysterical pranks on their kids in the past, from giving them fake lie detector tests to "Silverstoning" them, and his latest challenge is just as funny. With fall in the air, Kimmel had his viewers to get their kids ready for school with a new outfit.  But instead of a trendy T-shirt or accessory, he asked parents to present their children with something much less cool and tape their reactions…and the results are hilarious!


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In the clip, entitled "I Got My Kid a Horrible Back to School Outfit," the parents give their kids all sorts of ridiculous items, from completely inappropriate tees to over-the-top tutus. One parent even presents her child with a grocery bag that has holes cut out for her son's heads and arms! But my personal favorite? The mom who gives her two sons purpled sequined dresses and matching caps that look weirdly similar to a dance costume I wore when I was a toddler. Needless to say, they--along with all of the other children--were NOT pleased!

In fact, I'm pretty sure one direct quote went like this: "I hate Jimmy Kimmel!"

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I can't say I really blame these little ones for their dramatic responses! I think I would have reacted the same way had my parents pulled that on me when I was younger. Hey, don't you remember your back to school days? Planning the right outfit is no lauging matter, folks.

Watch the hilarious prank here:

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