'America's Got Talent:' Sebastien De La Cruz and The Untouchables shine during semifinals (VIDEOS)

Last night, the America's Got Talent semifinals heated up with performances by 12 acts all working to earn one of only three available spots in the finals. Two must-watch acts, 10-year-old mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz and the young-but-impressive dance troupe The Untouchables both took the stage, putting their best efforts into their performances…but did they do enough to make it past elimination?


The always adorable De La Cruz was up first, once again showing off his impressive vocals by singing a Spanish mariachi song. But while I am always a big fan of the little singer, this performance wasn't my favorite and the judges agreed, with all three giving him mixed reviews.

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"You are truly amazing, you stunned me," said Howie Mandel. "I don't understand the words to that song but I was just smiling." Fellow judge Howard Stern wasn't as thrilled, telling the young boy that he needs to "work on his voice" but that he was still an "amazing showman" and "a Mexican superhero" (whatever that means).

But the real standout performance of the night came courtesy of The Untouchables, who performed an amazing tango and again stunned me with their ability to stay perfectly synchronized. Seriously, how DO they do that?  

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Though they obviously nailed it, their talents were reaffirmed by high praise from all of the judges. Even Stern, who is normally harsher, called their performance "remarkable," causing one of the youngest dancers to shed tears. Aww! It's honestly astounding to see a group of such young kids show such skill and discipline. I sincerely hope that they advance into the finals!

The results of the show will be announced on Thursday this week instead of tonight, so viewers will have an extra day of anticipation to contemplate who will make it through…and at this point, it's hard for me to even predict who those lucky acts will be!

Do you think either of these two performances will advance? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via NBC

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