Confirmed: Eva Longoria and Jets QB Mark Sanchez are dating!

Fall is upon us and sports fanatics everywhere are anticipating football in all its glory. I can admit, I know practically nothing about football, except key players, the Super Bowl, and of course, the very sexy Mark Sanchez. Now ladies, sorry to break your hearts, but it looks like the Jets Quarterback is off the market. And you can only guess who nabbed him: Eva Longoria.

As if Eva didn't have it all already, she just couldn't resist that Sanchez charm! After months of rumors of the two dating, it looks like Mark is finally becoming a one woman man. I don't think I can take the hotness of this relationship or the fact that she's with another athlete!


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Maybe Eva will be that lucky charm Mark needs to help the Jets have a winning season (Jets fans can only hope). Sanchez and Longoria were recently spotted dining with friends, taking in a Broadway show, and having a romantic dinner (gag), which has lead to heavy speculation that the twosome are indeed a couple.

Longoria definitely wasted no time after breaking up with Penélope Cruz's hot brother, Eduardo Cruz, who she dated shortly after her divorce from Tony Parker. She clearly is one of those women who jumps back on that horse no matter how many times she's fallen... then again, we're talking about Mark Sanchez--what woman wouldn't?!

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The one good thing for Mark is that not only does he have one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, she will also be his personal cheerleader. After all, she was known to be Tony Parker's biggest fan when he was on the court. Although this means Mark Sanchez is off the market, we should just be happy and wish them well.

What do you think of Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez as a couple?

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