Eva Longoria wants her steak 'woman-friendly' & medium rare

Now that Desperate Housewives is over, Eva Longoria is taking her focus off the small screen and switching it on to food! The actress is giving her Las Vegas restaurant Beso and Eve nightclub a big makeover. Why? She apparently wants to make the steakhouse more female-friendly by adding a…wait for it…catwalk, 3D projection, fog machine, and menu with bite-sized items that are, I guess, more appropriate for women.  

Um, excuse me while I roll my eyes.


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I've always been a fan of Longoria and her projects but I have to say that this one just seems silly. Giving your restaurant a redesign is one thing, by why perpetuate this unnecessary "for her" trend by turning it into what sounds like a cheesy and  over-the-top club? And bite-sized food? Seriously? I'm perfectly capable of eating a regular, normal-sized piece of steak, thank you very much.

Plus, while some of the changes actually sound useful (a larger outdoor patio, tiered seating), some sound plain bizarre. In an effort to follow a 1920s theme, Longoria is reportedly taking a cue from places like the Crazy Horse in Paris and adding theatrical elements…aka sexy female performers. Hmm, wouldn't that be more targeted towards guys, not girls? Personally, I prefer my food without a side of half-nude dancing.

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In any case, the launch party (which, quite honestly, seems like it will be the best part of this whole idea) is set to take place with a huge party on New Year's Eve... and with all of these plans, one thing's for sure: it will definitely be memorable for those who attend!

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