Snooki became a household name from the moment her little face filled the screen on the megahit MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. She instantly rose to fame back in 2009, helping to make fist pumping and the terms GTL, DTF popular with kids all across America. But the guidette's era seems to be coming to a close now that Jersey Shore has been canceled.

I never really understood the fascination with Jersey Shore, but clearly they were doing something right! The cast of characters became fixtures of pop culture, but after Snooki AKA Nicole Pilozzi announced she was pregnant, the wild party girl began the transition to mamihood, and it seemed to be only a matter of time before the show would lose it's biggest breakout star.  


Snooki stood out for doing outrageous things that were ridiculous, inappropriate or just plain stupid and we have a feeling that the little guidette will not fade into the background just because the show is over. As a matter of fact, season 2 of the spinoff Snooki and JWoww is in now in full production and will feature the birth of baby Lorenzo! I'm relieved though, that MTV has no plans on giving Snooki her own show, because I think she (and her son) will be better off without the cameras around 24/7. 

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I couldn't resist digging up some gems from this little meatball's most outrageous moments--here are 6 examples of Snooki's temporary insanity from Jersey Shore

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