Latinas are pretty much known for having a fierce attitude. We say what's on our mind and we don't take anything lying down. Hey, why should we? But there's a few gals in Hollywood who take sassiness to a whole new level. Between their sharp but hilarious wit, their sparkling personalities, and their passion for work and life, these stars  always make their opinions know--which is exactly why we love them!

Below, the 10 sassiest famous Latinas, (in no particular order)!

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Sofía Vergara 1

Sofía Vergara

Image via Getty Images

My favorite funny Latina is a true colombiana --fierce, sexy, and definitely not shy! In a recent magazine cover, Vergara talked openly about her body and even revealed her actual bra size!


Christina Aguilera 2

Christina Aguilera

Image via NBC

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Xtina always says whats on her mind. In fact, she's been criticized for being too blunt. Last season on The Voice, she even swapped insults with a contestant!


Salma Hayek 3

Salma Hayek

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Though fiercely protective over her child and personal life, the stunning actress has never been afraid of discussing her culture, her co-stars and even more significantly, her thoughts on parenthood. Hayek has openly advocated the practice of breastfeeding in the past. Oh and unlike so many others, she refuses to apologize or try to hide her accent...which we LOVE. 

Paulina Rubio 4

Paulina Rubio

Image via The Grosby Group

Rubio has always said she loves being in the spotlight! One of her most famous quotes? "I have been famous since I was born." Plus, she looks damn good rocking a bikini baby bump. 


Eva Longoria 5

Eva Longoria

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Longoria has enough sparkle and charm for ten women and that charisma never faded, even after a messy and very public divorce. If anything, Longoria came back stronger than ever, even engaging in a relationship with her (hot) now ex-boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz. Now, fresh off the season finale of Desperate Housewives, Longoria has tons of other projects in the works and is even helping kick off the Democratic National Convention in September. 


Rosario Dawson 6

Rosario Dawson

Image via Getty Images

Is there any Latina as passionate as Rosario Dawson? As a co-founder of Voto Latino, the actress has long since been encouraging the community to have their voice heard. And she recruits all of her best Latino friends to help her spread her message!


Soledad O'Brien 7

Soledad O'Brien

Image via Getty Images

If there's one woman who knows how to stand her ground, it's O'Brien. As a CNN anchor, she is constantly going head-to-head with political bigwigs. Most recently, she had to defend herself against former Minnesota governer, Tim Pawlenty, after he implied she didn't understand English. 

Sonia Sotomayor 8

Sonia Sotomayor

Image via Getty Images

Sotomayor is quite possibly the sassiest Latina in DC! She made history as the first ever Latina Justice of the Supreme Court but somehow stills to find time to indulge in two of her favorite pasttimes: baseball and salsa dancing!


Demi Lovato 9

Demi Lovato

Image via FOX

Lovato might be young, but she's definitely no longer an innocent Disney darling. in fact, this has been her biggest year yet, with her proving she can stand up for herself against tough judge, Simon Cowell, on X-Factor and nailing bigtime gigs, like hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Oh and she looks fierce in her new Voto Latino PSA!  

Aubrey Plaza 10

Aubrey Plaza

Image via NBC

Her sarcastic, dry humor makes for comedic gold  in Parks and Recreation, but Plaza really shined in her debut as a leading lady in the buzzed about indie film, Safety Not Guaranteed, which premiered earlier this summer. Hlarious, down-to-earth, and succesful? That's one awesome Latina!