'America's Got Talent:' Mexican sand artist, Joe Castillo, advances over opera singer, Andrew de Leon

It was a nail-biting elimination round on America's Got Talent last night! Only three talented semifinalists advanced to the next portion of the competition. And though I am extremely sad to say that goth opera singer, Andrew de Leon, was once again sent home, I am also happy that one my favorite acts, Mexican sand artist, Joe Castillo, did make it through!


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On Tuesday night's show, Castillo used his sand talents to depict symbols of unity, including a pair of joined hands. Though Sharon Osbourne showered Castillo with praise, claiming she saw Jesus in his performance, Howard Stern was not as thrilled (seriously, is he ever happy?), claiming it was too similar to his prior acts and the audience had "probably seen it before." Stern even went as far as predicting that the sand artist would not advance past this round.

Well, I guess Castillo (and America) showed him! At the end of the night, it came down to Castillo and one other act to become the final performer to continue and Castillo deservedly made the cut.

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Personally, I am really happy for him! His talent is unique and special and I'm glad that it has earned recognition among the audience and at least some of the judges.  

What do you think of the picks? Do you prefer Castillo over de Leon? Tell us in the comments below!

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