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10 Hot Latino celebs starring in fall's biggest movies! (PHOTOS)

With fall comes school, cooler weather, and a ton of movies to look forward to! Many amazing new films are being released in the upcoming months, from blockbuster films like the latest installment of Resident Evil to animated flicks, like Hotel Translvania. And the good news is some of Hollywood's biggest Latino celebs--like Salma Hayek, Selena Gomez and more--are starring in the season's biggest movies!

Wondering which of your favorite stars are being featured in this fall 's releases? Below, 10 Latino celebs to watch out for in this season's hottest flicks:

The Words - Zoe Saldana 1

The Words  - Zoe Saldana

Image via CBS Films

Zoe Saldana plays the love interest of hottie, Bradley Cooper, in the The Words, coming out September 7th!



Resident Evil - Michelle Rodriguez 2

Resident Evil - Michelle Rodriguez

Image via Getty Images

Michelle Rodriguez takes a starring turn in Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth film in the franchise, which is out September 14th.


End of Watch - Michael Peña 3

End of Watch - Michael Peña

Image via Open Road Films

Michael Peña stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as a team of L.A.P.D officers who stumble onto a drug ring in "End of Watch." The movie premieres September 21st.

End of Watch - America Ferrera 4

End of Watch - America Ferrera

Image via Splash News

Ferrera plays a police officer alongside fellow Latino co-star, Michael Peña,  in End of Watch.


Hotel Transylvania- Selena Gomez 5

Hotel Transylvania- Selena Gomez

Image via Sony

Selena Gomez and other famous actors provide their voice for this animated comedy flick, out September 28th.


Skyfall - Javier Bardem 6

Skyfall - Javier Bardem

Image via Sony

Bardem plays the villian in the latest and much-anticipated James Bond flick, Skyfall, out November 9th.


10 years - Rosario Dawson 7

10 years - Rosario Dawson

Image via Anchor Bay Entertainment

Dawson plays the high school sweetheart of cutie Channing Tatum, who is now married to another woman (played by his real-life wife Jenna Dewan Tatum.) The movie, out this September, shows them reuniting at their 10-year high school reunion

Here Comes the Boom - Salma Hayek 8

Here Comes the Boom - Salma Hayek

Image via Sony

Salma Hayek stars alongside Kevin James in this comedy, which follows a high school biology teacher as he attempts to convert himself into a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in order to raise money for after-school programs.


Fun Size- Victoria Justice 9

Fun Size- Victoria Justice

Image via Nickelodeon Films

Out October 26th, this movie follows Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice as she tries to make her way to a huge Halloween party and ends up having one crazy night.

Won't Back Down - Rosie Perez 10

Won't Back Down - Rosie Perez

Image via 20th Century Fox

Rosie Perez joins an all-star, including Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, in this story of two mothers who try to save the school their children attend. The film, which was inspired by actual events, is out September 28th.


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