The National Democratic Convention kicks off next month and it looks like Latino stars will be out in full force to lend their support to the cause! In fact, it was just announced that longtime Obama supporter, Eva Longoria, will actually be part of an all-women panel to speak at the event--the first celebrity to be selected to do so!

Longoria  is a co-chair for Obama's national reelection campaign and has spoken on behalf of the President many times in recent months. But the former Desperate Housewives star won't be the only Latino celebrity in attendance! Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, are reportedly hosting "Super-O-Rama," the closing night festivities of the entire event.

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Several artists are also scheduled to take the stage on the big night, including Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull! Wow...I wonder which songs he will perform? I guess it doesn't really matter--it's sure to be a great show regardless!

Alba, Longoria, and Pitbull are only three of the many Latin stars who openly support the Democratic party. Below, 8 other celebs that will vote Obama this November:

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Images via Getty Images, Splash News

Adam Rodriguez 1

Adam Rodriguez

Image via Getty Images

The Magic Mike star told the Huffington Post  that he is a "big Obama supporter" and has been since the beginning!


Antonio Banderas 2

Antonio Banderas

Image via Getty Images

Banderas and wife Melanie Griffith held an Obama fundraiser at their home in October of last year.


Cristina Saralegui 3

Cristina Saralegui

Image via Cristina Saralegui/facebook

One of Hispanic media’s most prominent figures, Cristina Saralegui (also known as the "Hispanic Oprah") made a public Obama endorsement earlier this summer.

Ana Ortiz 4

Ana Ortiz

Image via Getty Images

After Obama announced that he would halt deportation and grant work permits to some undocumented students, Ortiz said she was proud of the President and hopes that "Latinos really represent in this election."


Gloria Estefan 5

Gloria Estefan

Image via Getty Images

Estefan has also hosted fundraisers for Obama and told news outlets that she believes he will be reelected.


Marc Anthony 6

Marc Anthony

Image via Getty Images

Marc Anthony supported Obama in 2008 and in June of this year, he aimed to convince Latinos to support the president in a campaign video.


Ricky Martin 7

Ricky Martin

Image via Getty Images

Ricky Martin praised Obama after the President publicly announced his support of gay marriage.

Salma Hayek 8

Salma Hayek

Image via Getty Images

Hayek was one of the many Hollywood celebrities to attend the star-studded fundraiser party for Obama thrown by George Clooney in May of this year.