It looks talk show host Kelly Ripa has finally chosen a permanent replacement for her ex co-host, Regis Philbin! Ripa, who has featured 59 different guest hosts since Philbin's departure last November, is set to make the big announcement on September 4.

As a fan of Ripa and her show, I am definitely excited about the upcoming reveal. And though there are thought to be several frontrunners all lined up for the position (including Seth Meyers and Josh Groban), I can't help but chime in with a few suggestions of my own!

Below, 6 Latino stars who I think would make an ideal co-host for Ripa:


6 Latino stars who would make great co-hosts!

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Mark Consuelos

Though Ripa told Vanity Fair that her hot hubby, Mark Consuelos, values their marriage and wouldn't want to jeopardize it by working together, I really wish they would both reconsider! Partly for selfish reasons (he's hot!), but also because they are one of my all-time favorite celebrity couples. They are just so down-to-earth and their chemistry makes for great TV, as seen in the clip below!

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