Teachers 'Call Me Maybe' flash mob welcomes students back on the first day of school!

How many of you are as tired as I am of Carly Rae Jepsen's song Call Me Maybe? Probably all of you, but I this flash mob teachers organized to the popular tune was too good NOT to share!

The first day of school can be a drag! It takes some motivation to get back in that grove. But imagine starting the semester with your teachers greeting you in the school gym in flash mob fashion? That's exactly the surprise students at Hancock High School in Mississippi received and even I didn't see it coming!


I've seen so many flash mob videos that they all seem so overdone and cliche-- yes even the cheesy proposal ones. But it's pretty cool to see teachers cut loose especially when most hide their "fun" side from their students during the school year.

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Hancock's student seem to have a cool group of instructors and I'm sure if my teachers greeted me this way on the first day of school when I was in high school, I would've loved it a WHOLE lot more. 

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Check out the awesome fash mob in the video below and who knows maybe your kids will be greeted with a warm welcome on their first day back too!

Would you love to be surprised by a flash mob? Tell us in the comments box below!

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