Matthew McConaughey cooks for Camila Alves--can he GET any hotter?!

I've always said that Matthew McConaughey is lucky to have Brazilian model, Camila Alves, in his life. I mean, she's so gorgeous that she even makes a baby bump look sexy! But it looks like Alves should be just as thankful to have a sweet hubby like McConaughey, who recently admitted that he has been cooking for his lady throughout her pregnancy. How cute!


To help makes Alves, who is currently expecting her and McConaughey's third child, a little more comfortable, the actor says he has been making a lot of her favorite dishes, including a "Brazilian dish that her mother does!" See?! Even celebs with access to private chefs sometimes just want their mami's cooking!  

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But what makes McConaughey's actions even more impressive is that the actor is in the middle of preparing for a role in which he plays an HIV positive patient--meaning he has to lose A LOT of weight and therefore, can't even eat most of the foods he's preparing for his wife! McConaughey addressed this, saying that some of his dishes involve "a lot of chicken, a lot of cheese and things like that, which I'm not having, but she is." He also said that Alves--like most Latinas!--"loves a good steak, so I've been making a good rib-eye for her when I can."

Aww, it's so sweet and thoughtful that he's willing to cook her all these tasty meals during her pregnancy, especially since he can't enjoy them himself! That's a sacrifice that only a truly devoted husband would be willing to make--at least, I think so. Hey, if it was me, I would be mighty cranky watching someone else eat my amazing meals when I couldn't even have a bite!  

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Above all though, McConaughey's gesture just proves that he and Alves have a real, caring relationship that is rare in Hollywood…and in many places, for that matter. I only hope all men (including my future husband!) take note and follow his example! 

Does your man ever cook for you? Tell us in the comments below!

 Image via Getty Images