'The Next' premiere: Gloria Estefan takes on stage fright and lawn mowing! (VIDEO)

If you are as addicted to reality talent shows as I am, then you (like me!) couldn't help but tune in to the premiere of Gloria Estefan's new show last night, The Next. And though it's still a little too early for me to decide whether the rest of the season is a must-see or not, I have to admit that the first episode had pretty memorable moments--including seeing Estefan pass on some of her hard-earned wisdom to her mentee…oh, and watching the superstar be forced to mow a lawn!


This show has a slightly different take on the typical singing competition in that all of four the mentors (including Estefan, Joe Jonas, Nelly and John Rich) travel to six cities over the course of the season to spend an entire 72 hours working with an up-and-coming musician and actually experiencing their daily lives.

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For her first participant, Estefan picked a young woman named Cori as her mentee. The two got to know each other as Estefan helped Cori with her ordinary activities, like mowing the lawn. An iconic celebrity riding a mower? Well, that certainly isn't a sight you see very often! Estefan also gave Cori some valuable advice about overcoming stage fright, telling her to simply seize the moment--and it worked! When it came time to perform, Cori nailed her version of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory," causing John Rich to call her "a spitfire mentored by the original spitfire."

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The other performers also did pretty well with Jonas's pick, an 18-year-old pop singer, Taylor, performing a One Republic song, Nelly's powerhouse vocalist, Itzy Rodriguez, taking on Katy Perry, and Rich's country contestant, Michael Ray, surprising everyone with his experienced stage presence. At the end, the show took another interesting twist, with the audience getting all of the power to vote on which singer wins this first night of competition. I thought Estefan's contestant had a fair shot, but in the end, viewers went with Rich's mentee, Michael, as their favorite of the night.

Overall, I found the concept of The Next to be pretty interesting, especially because I loved seeing the celebrity mentors just hanging out and getting to know their mentees. Plus, I gotta support Estefan by continuing to watch before deciding for sure how I feel about the show. Hopefully, next week, we'll get to see her contestant win.

Also watch Estefan and the rest of the judges perform as they make their entrance:

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