'The Voice' Season 3: Christina Aguilera is already picking fights!

The Voice returns for season 3 in just a few weeks... and as all viewers know, that means one thing: more antics from Christina Aguilera! From the looks of the recently released extended promo, it looks like the singer is ALREADY stirring up drama on the NBC talent competition, bickering with her fellow judges and even calling one of them "a little desperate!"


The clips shows a lot of smack talking between all of the judges, but the always-sassy Aguilera definitely seems to be leading the pack. When country singer Blake Shelton pulls out one of his music awards from behind his back in an attempt to convince a contestant to join his team, Aguilera doesn't really seem to appreciate his methods. "It's a little desperate but cute," she says. Ouch! Those are fighting words!

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And Aguilera isn't the only diva showing off her impressive vocal skills this season. The preview also shows one brave female contestant covering Aguilera's song "Ain't No Other Man" during her audition. Wow, that takes some serious guts...even if I had the ability to do justice to a Xtina song (which I definitely don't), I don't know if I would ever be courageous enough to sing it in front of her!

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Who knows? Maybe Aguilera's all-or-nothing attitude will finally gain one of her contestants The Voice title. Regardless, it seems like season 3 is definitely going to be worth watching and I, for one, can't wait to see all of the judges (oh yeah, and contestants!) duke it out again.

Watch the preview here:

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Image via NBC

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