Rihanna breaks down with Oprah about why she felt Chris Brown "needed help" (VIDEO)

I'm a big Rihanna fan (much to my hubby's chagrin, cause he can't STAND her music, but whatevs) so I've been anticipating her upcoming interview with Oprah for a while. Mostly because I knew Oprah was going to get a level of access and honesty that no one really has since that fateful night back on February 8, 2009 when the Barbadian beauty was brutally attacked by then boyfriend Chris Brown.

Well, Oprah just posted a clip from the interview and of course, Rihanna breaks down over everything that went down between her and the R&B star. The thing is, I never expected to feel what I did when I saw her talking about the incident--I mean, I actually felt genuine sympathy for Chris Brown AND Rihanna. You know why?


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Because they were just KIDS, Rihanna was 21 and Chris was just 19. Seeing Rihanna tear up and talk about how she lost her best friend and her boyfriend in one night, in the blink of an eye, is really emotional. I can honestly, 100% sympathize with her...and to a certain extent Chris too. I mean, come on ladies, how many of us let our first loves do really stupid shit to us and get away with it. Maybe it's not on the same scale, but you know what I mean. Not that he deserves forgiveness, but Rihanna is right--he does need help. He did then, and if his string of idiotic behavior since then is any indication, he still does to this day.

I give props and kudos to Rihanna for actually sticking by her guns and staying away and broken up with Chris Brown. I know that he was probably the only other person in the world who understood the intense media scrutiny they were both subjected to at that time and it was probably really hard. 

I also found the fact that she is so upset about everyone painting him as the bad guy and her as the innocent, blameless girlfriend to be fascinating--but it makes sense if you really think about it. When something traumatizing like this happens with someone you love, you feel deceived, hurt, and disappointed. The last thing you need is everyone trying to victimize you and take away even MORE of your power, even if it is just to spin a media-friendly narrative. She probably really wanted to tell her own side of the story back then, but wasn't really able to because everyone else was doing it for her. 

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Rihanna also hints at Chris's history--his father used to regularly beat his mother in front of him--as a catalyst for the attack, and we all know that her own dad isn't exactly up for any "Father of the Year" awards. Relationships are never black and white, and truth be told,these two probably have years of intensive therapy and soul searching ahead of them before either are really, truly able to sustain a healthy and productive relationship.

But you know what? Rihanna talking so openly and honestly about what she felt is a fantastic first step in the right direction. Not to mention the fact that she is showing teen girls everywhere that there is no need to hide in the shadows if something like this ever happens to you.

What do you think? Is it weird that Rihanna felt bad for Chris Brown?

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