London Olympics 2012: USA Women's Soccer team wins GOLD!

The US Women's Soccer team officially earned their redemption today with a Gold Medal win over Japan at the 2012 London Olympics!

After losing to the very same Japanese team in the Women's World Cup last year in Germany, they fought back with everything they had, came together as a team, and showed the world what women are really made of: Nerves of STEEL!



As a young woman, I played sports. In fact, I'd say that they were an integral part in making me who I am today. I looked up to all the female Olympians and even dreamed of one day being on that world stage (though my sport was Softball). I know how important this win is for thousands of little girls across the United States today and I was filled with pride to see that they were able to overcome every obstacle in their way to come out victors. Plus, they did it as a TEAM, representing their country, in what has to be one of the most pressure-filled scenarios possible.

They deserve all the accolades in the world! 

Hope Solo came up big, as she seems to do every game and Carli Lloyd scored in both halves. In the end, the women beat Japan 2-1. 

What I love most about this win isn't even the national pride, but the fact that it calls attention to women's sports, long overlooked on the global stage. Even in these Olympics, talk continues to revolve around who is the cutest, prettiest or has the best story instead of what these extraordinary women have been able to accomplish and all the VERY hard work they've put in to get where they are. And where they are is on the top podium, accepting a Gold Medal for the United States of America at the London 2012 Olympics.

Congratulations ladies and thanks for all the inspiration!

Do you encourage your daughters to watch the Olympics? Who is your favorite female athlete of the games?

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