Puppy & boy bring 'I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine' to life! (VIDEO)

Plenty of studies have already concluded that having a dog is good for your child's health for many reasons, but now there's video evidence to prove it! In this awesome and hilarious YouTube gem, a young boy and his lab show that there really are some benefits to having a pet.


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In the video, an adorable little boy lays his head on his dog's side while rubbing the animal's belly. And the pooch is obviously happy to be pampered because he decides to return the favor by scratching the child's back with his own paw!

How awesome and incredibly sweet is that?! These two are obviously the very best of friends. In fact, that little boy has probably learned a lot about teamwork from his pup!

Plus, their video proves one very important lesson to all those parents who are hesitant about buying their child a pet: A dog and his owner really do always have each other's backs!

Watch the super cute video here:

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Image via YouTube

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