Watch Ryan Lochte spoof himself in new 'Funny or Die' skits! (VIDEOS)

Olympian medalist and future reality TV star, Ryan Lochte, is debuting his acting skills (maybe as practice for his upcoming projects?) in two new Funny or Die skits that the swimmer filmed this week in London.

Both videos bank off of some of Lochte's most infamous moments, like flashing his American-flag diamond encrusted grill and admitting that he pees in the Olympic pool (seriously…kinda gross, but call me anyway!).


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In the first sketch, entitled "The Olympic Ticket Scouter," Lochte costars with actors Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams. Stewart acts as a ticket scalper who corners Lochte and tricks him into giving him his entrance pass to the Olympics. The two best parts of this skit? The flashes of Lochte's grill and neon-green, monogrammed sneakers!

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The second sketch (and the funnier one by far, in my opinion) says it all with its title, "Peeing in the Pools with Ryan Lochte. "The way I see it, the pool is the biggest and the most expensive toilet, and it's all mine," Lochte says in the video. "That's the only time I allow myself to pee… I hold it in until I get to the pool." He also claims that he has a new book coming out, 50 Shades of Yellow.

Haha, I love that Lochte is totally willing to make fun of himself--although, come on, how can he not, considering how much attention his outrageous statements and outfits have gotten? But though I'm a Lochte fan (obviously), I have to be honest: his acting skills aren't quite on par with his swimming abilities.

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Image via Funny or Die

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