Now that Ryan Lochte has finished with his Olympics competitions (and catapulted to superstardom in the process), everyone--including me!--is wondering two things: What is he going to do next and does he really have a girlfriend?!  Well, don't worry Lochte Nation, his rep has finally addressed all of the rumors and revealed the swimmer's upcoming plans!


First things first--ladies, there's no need to fret because it turns out, Lochte does not have a girlfriend. Though rumors of a potential love interest started swirling after a photo showed the athlete with a mystery woman sitting on his lap in a car, it has since been revealed that the female is…his sister, 31-year-old Meghan Lochte! Well, that's awkward. It just goes to show that there's no need for everyone to jump to conclusions. After all, sometimes there's just no room in the car!

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But even without a new relationship, Lochte will be plenty busy in the next few months. His sports agent, Erika Wright, recently revealed that Lochte has already been offered the roles on two different reality shows with the possibility of a third in the works! Wow, talk about being in demand. Unfortunately, she wasn't as forthcoming about what the shows actually were…but personally, I'm hoping that at least one of them is Dancing with the Stars as Lochte has already expressed interest in strutting his stuff on the ballroom floor.

And as if invading the small screen wasn't enough, the gold medalist is also apparently set on invading your closet. Having gained infamy for his over-the-top sneakers and sense of style, Lochte has apparently received multiple offers to design his own line—which I have a feeling will feature lots of bling and rhinestones.

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It's pretty amazing to see just how much Lochte's career has really taken off this summer and I'm glad that the world will get to see plenty of him even now that his turn at the Olympics has ended. Plus, now that his new projects have officially been confirmed, I can't help but be really curious as to what they actually are!

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