More Jennifer Lopez drama: Singer sues ex-driver for $20 million

Jennifer Lopez has been a superstar for years so it's hardly a surprise that her life is much more hectic and crazy than the average person's. But lately, it's become especially obvious that besides being very busy, Lopez's lifestyle is also one of the most dramatic in all of Hollywood!

 In just the past few weeks alone, Lopez has made headlines again and again. First, there was her American Idol controversy, then came the multiple rumors about her and her boyfriend, Casper Smart (people said he was gay and that they allegedly "broke up"). Now, the singer is reportedly suing her former chauffer and potentially getting her ex-husband arrested! So I have to ask: Why does drama seem to follow Lopez wherever she goes?


Yesterday, news broke that Lopez's first ex-husband, Ojani Noa, has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to show up at a debtor hearing in late July. Noa was expected in court to discuss paying Lopez for her legal efforts after she battled him over the release of a sex tape. Now, if Noa again neglects to show up to the examination on September 13, the warrant will officially become active and he will become a "wanted" man.

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And as if that wasn't enough legal news for Lopez, just HOURS later, it was also revealed that the singer is suing her former chauffer for extortion and defamation after he threatened to reveal personal information about her. She is reportedly seeking $20 million in damages! Um, she does realize he is a driver and not Fox network right?

Sigh. If I was Lopez, I would be so exhausted. Honestly, it's a miracle that she even manages to get so many projects done with the chaos that is her personal life. I guess though that she must be used to it by now, since this is definitely not her first time in the hot seat. Remember the frenzy she caused after she allegedly got involved with Marc Anthony while he was still married? Or way back when she was dating P. Diddy (Puff Daddy back then!) and had to testify for him about the nightclub shoot-out that they witnessed? Or my personal favorite, "Bennifer," aka the tabloid dream (or nightmare depending on who you ask) that was her relationship with Ben Affleck.

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I know Lopez's career is at a major peak right now and I AM happy for her...but maybe it would do her some good to take a break. Every now and then, everyone has to slow down and stay home for a while. Besides, that way, the only drama she'll be dealing with will be that of her kids!

What do you think of the latest Lopez drama? Do you think she needs a break from her career? Tell us in the comments below!

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