Olympian medalist Danell Leyva is known as one of the best gymnasts on the US team, but is there a secret to his success? In a recent interview with CNN, the Cuban athlete opens up about the two things that help ease his nerves before and after a meet--and I bet they're not what you think!


In the hilarious interview, Leyva credits his infamous "lucky towel," given to him by his aunt, for helping him stay focused before competing. Leyva, who says he has had since 2007, has been seen wearing the towel around his neck at almost every competition. In fact, it has become so recognized that the item even spurred its own Twitter account, @leyvastowel!  Wow--seriously, only Leyva could get people obsessing over his years-old towel!

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And the gymnast also admits that there is one other thing that comforts him after he competes: besos from his over affectionate stepdad! "I'm very cool with that…Cubans are very affectionate, we're very touchy-feely kind of people," Leyva said.

Aww, how sweet is that! I have to admit, I kind of fell a little more in love with Leyva after watching this interview. It's obvious that he cares so much about his family and that they are all very close, which is great to see from such a renowned figure. Any man who is willing to openly call out their dad's super-Latino habits has a good sense of humor in my book.

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Plus, I like that he is so in touch with his Cuban roots--in the interview, he even gives a shout-out to the Latin community for all their support throughout the competition!

Watch the whole interview here:


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Image via Danell Leyva's Towel/Twitter

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