Demi Lovato is definitely having a stellar year! In the past few months alone, she joined X-Factor as a judge, hosted the Teen Choice Awards and looked healthy and gorgeous on the cover of Self magazine. Now, she's standing up for her community and looking absolutely fierce  in a new PSA for Voto Latino!  

The 19-year-old, part-Mexican singer is only the latest celebrity to lend her support to the  organization and encourage the Latino community to register and vote--but from the looks of her photo shoot, her PSA might be the sexiest yet. Rocking skintight black pants, a black corset-like top, and a leather jacket, Lovato poses with her hands on her hips and a tough-girl attitude...and she looks HOT, not to mention, totally badass!

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In the photo shoot, Lovato also makes the official Voto Latino hand gesture--thumb, index finger, and middle finger making the 'V' and 'L' signs--and holds a poster that reads "Make It Count In 2012. We are 50 Million Strong."

I love that Lovato is not only lending her voice and face to such a great cause, but also that she looks so confident doing it! Though she might have struggled with issues of body image in the past, Lovato's newfound self-assurance just proves that she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at Lovato's PSA  below--and watch out for a cameo by fellow Latino star and Voto Latino supporter, Wilmer Valderrama


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Image via AOL

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