Chef Lorena Garcia falls in the middle as 'Top Chef: Masters' take on a wedding in 24 hours

Last night was the 2nd episode of season 4 of Top Chef: Masters and I couldn't be more excited that Venezuelan chef Lorena Garcia is participating this year.

In the first episode, sadly Mexican chef Sue Torres was sent home. We still have one awesome Latina to root for, though, and I was happy to see Lorena Garcia do well in this episode where the 11 cheftestants had to cook for a wedding in barely 24 hours. Now, I've never prepared food for a wedding but you can't tell me that doesn't sound intensely crazy.


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The episode revolved around the couple's touching story: the maid of honor died unexpectedly so they had to postpone the wedding once, then their venue went out of business. The master chefs all agreed that they deserved a great wedding after all that and struggled to make a delicious Filipino-inspired menu to touch on the couple's roots.

The big issues came when chef Art Smith and Lorena Garcia were stuck cooking in the basement and Art had a really difficult time with the tiered wedding cake. If you've ever been to a wedding (and who hasn't), then you know that the cake is THE most important piece and the chefs had to work really, really hard to make it work to keep the cake from collapsing. It certainly looked like it might have quite a few times!

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In the end, chef Patricia Yeo takes home the prize for the best dish (she made a mackerel seviche) and chef Debbie Gold went home (she made a grilled napa cabbage salad). I was happy to see Chef Lorena stay for another episode but a bit disappointed that she didn't end up in the top 3 OR the bottom 3. Being in the middle may work well in her favor, though, and I know I'll definitely be tuning in next week, too!

Are you excited to see the Venezuelan Chef Lorena Garcia on Top Chef: Masters? Are you watching the show and rooting for her or someone else? Share with us in the comments below!

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