I've long since admired Camila Alves for many reasons, like her dedication to her children, her great sense of style, and her supreme confidence.  But I love her even more after hearing that she recently admitted that she has never been a size zero—and that she doesn't want to be!


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The Brazilian beauty, who is currently expecting her third child with husband Matthew McConaughey, told Stylelist that she's all about having a fit but healthy body. "I'm curvy," she said, "I'm from South America!" And she even confessed to cheating every now and then on her diet, explaining that she watches what she eats before and during a photo shoot but has a steak and French fries first thing afterwards!

Ha! I just love that attitude! It's so refreshing to see a celebrity be so honest and confident about their size. Plus, I totally agree with her. It's better to embrace your curves and rock a healthy figure than to starve yourself just to fit into a size zero.

Maybe that outlook is also a cultural thing because Alves isn't the first Latina celebrity to talk openly about their weight. Below, five other stars who love their healthy bodies and encourage others to do the same:   

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