Ricky Martin is getting his own TV show!

Did you love Ricky Martin's guest role on Glee? Well, get ready to see a LOT more of him from your home television. The Latino superstar has just signed a "talent holding deal" with Universal Television--the force behind The Office, Smash and other TV favorites--to "develop and star in his first network television series and specials."

What's this all mean? Basically, a LOT more Ricky Martin to love! And I am definitely very excited about that. 


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Since the deal is brand new, there isn't any word on the exact kind of show Ricky will create. It could be that he will get his own sitcom, will get to star in some drama or even that he'll have TV movies. Maybe the "specials" will be some sort of music-driven performance? Either way, I'm sure the multi-talented singer/Broadway star will do an amazing job. The executive vice president of Universal Television, Bela Bajaria, seems pretty excited to work with Ricky, too:

Ricky is an iconic superstar who is as talented as he is popular. [He] connects with his audience in a very palpable way -- and we are thrilled that he will be adding TV star to his incredible resume.

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Personally, I'd love to see him do a sitcom! He's funny, charming AND a talented singer, so maybe a show where he gets to sing and dance occasionally would be fun...like a TV show where he plays a character that owns a karaoke club or something. Okay, maybe that's a terrible idea but I'm not a TV writer. I'm sure whatever he does do will be fantastic and I can't wait to see it.

What do you want to see Ricky Martin do on TV? Share with us in the comments below!

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