Pitbull, "exiled" to Kodiak, Alaska, gets the last laugh

Looks like Pitbull is a man of his word! After pledging to visit the location of whichever Walmart store got the most likes on Facebook as part of a promotional campaign, the Cuban rapper made good on his promise and ventured all the way to the small town of Kodiak, Alaska--even bringing along the man responsible for sending him there!


Pitbull was sent to the remote location after writer and Internet prankster David Thorpe caught wind of the contest and decided to sway the vote by urging fans of Twitter to send him to Alaska with the hashtag, #ExilePitbull. His campaign worked--Kodiak's Walmart won by far, with over 60,000 likes on Facebook! Wow! Well, I doubt he was expecting to go there when he agreed to participate.

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Still, Pitbull proved to be a good sport, not only making an appearance at the location (where he met fans and was presented with a free pair of rubber boots and bear repellant) but also paying for Thorpe to fly out to Alaska with him!  

The singer even tweeted out a picture of the two of them together, with the caption "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Later, Thorpe also tweeted of his experience, saying: "Just met Pitbull. He shook my hand and said 'Keep bullshitting. Next thing you know we'll be on the moon.' "

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HAHA! Aw, this makes me appreciate Pitbull even more. He's obviously a nice guy and even though he's a star, he can still take a joke.  Besides, now he's also one of the lucky few  who get to say that they've been to Alaska!

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Images via Pitbull/Twitter

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