Dancing with the Stars all-star cast revealed! Which Latino contestants are returning?

Calling all DWTS fans: The all-star cast for this upcoming season has been revealed! And though I'm disappointed to say not all of my favorites are returning, one favored Latino contestant IS making a comeback. So who is it that's looking to reclaim a spot on the ballroom floor?


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Brazilian race car driver and Season 5 winner, Hélio Castroneves! Over 5 years later, the former DWTS champion, whose partnership with Julianne Hough helped him take home the trophy, is once again getting ready to show off his moves. And this time he's facing even stiffer competition, going head-to-head with other season favorites, like Emmett Smith, Kelly Monaco, Giles Marini, Kirstie Alley, Bristol Palin and more. 

Wow! Well, with that line-up it certainly looks like it's going to be one interesting and dramatic season. Still I can't help but feel super bummed that there aren't more Latino contestants, like Cuban hunk William Levy, returning. I know that Levy just competed last season and that he has a bunch of new projects now, but I'm pretty sure no one (as in all of the women in America) would have a problem seeing him to return to their TV every week...just saying!

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I'll also miss former champ, J.R. Martinez, this season! He has such a sparkling personality and charismatic presence that I thought he'd make the perfect candidate for the all-star cast. Still, I guess I can understand considering he's a new dad and all, which I'm sure keeps him busy enough.

Regardless of their absences, I'm looking forward to this season and seeing Castroneves and the other contestants compete. Let the dancing begin!

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