In the past, Jesus had a penchant for showing on tortillas, which had us all scratching our heads and wondering--could he be Latino? A few months ago an elderly man was shocked to find the big J starring back at him from his humble breakfast taco. "I looked at it for five minutes," 80-year-old Ernesto Garza told the local news affiliate. Then his friend came over to check it out and predictably exclaimed: "JESUS!"

As Latinos we put a huge emphasis on religious figures. I mean, we see Jesus everywhere. But now, a group of Malaysian Catholics claim to have spotted an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the window of the Sime Darby Medical Centre.


This sighting is more uncanny, because they say they have spotted an adult Jesus Christ windows away from the Virgin Mary's. This past Sunday, hundreds of Catholics lined outside the hospital to pray to the Virgin Mary because they think she has a message for them.

While you determine whether you believe this latest sighting of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, check out this gallery featuring all the crazy places where people claim to have seen them. You may end up looking twice at your meals in the event of seeing a holy figure.   

Image via YouTube

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